What Is Alias In WazirX And How To Solve Alias In WazirX Issue?

Here is the best method through which you can solve the ‘Alias in WazirX‘ issue. In this article, I will tell you What is alias in Wazirx and how you can solve this issue.

WazirX is India’s best app for investing and trading in cryptocurrencies. It is one of the fastest-growing crypto trading exchanges in India. Wazirx was first launched in 2018 by Nischal Shetty with the aim to ease out crypto trading in India.

It has over 250 cryptocurrencies that you can buy and sell in INR and USDT. The WazirX android app has a simple and clean interface.

Here you can buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies by simply depositing INR in your WazirX wallet. You can use your UPI ID or bank account to deposit money in your WazirX wallet.

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What Is Alias In WazirX?

Nowadays, Everyone who is registering and verifying their UPI id on Wazirx is facing a common problem of ‘alias’. But what is this and how to solve it?

The word alias means an alternate name or another name for something. It is just like a false name that is used by criminals for doing a crime.

When you verify and add your UPI id on Wazirx you have to fill two columns. The first column is the alias and the other is your UPI id.

In the alias section, you have to just fill in the name that you use in official places. And, in the other section, you have to fill in your UPI id and proceed with other steps.


‘Alias in Wazirx’ has a very simple and straightforward solution. You have to just fill in your name in the alias section of the Wazirx app.

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