Shortcut Keys Of Computer A to Z PDF Download

It becomes very easy for a person to work on a computer when keyboard shortcuts are known. In this article, I am going to share the Shortcut Keys of Computer A to Z list which you can download and share with your friends.

Do you want to be a pro in using computer software? If yes, then it becomes very important for you to have a knowledge of Computer Shortcut Keys. Learning these Computer Shortcuts would save your time and energy. Also, Keyboard Shortcuts make working with software enjoyable and easy.

In this article, I am going to provide you with all the basic computer shortcut keys that are used in ms word, ms PowerPoint, ms paint, ms excel, and spreadsheet.

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Shortcut Keys Of Computer A to Z

Basic Computer Shortcut Keys

3.Select allCtrl+A
4.Switch appsAlt+Tab
5.Close appsAlt+F4
6.Show or hide the desktopWin+D
7.To cut the selected itemCtrl+X
8.To copy the selected itemCtrl+C
9.Go to the end of the lineEnd
10.To paste a selected itemCtrl+V
11.To Rename the selected iconF2
12.To close the current open programAlt+F4
13.Universal help for any programF1
14.To go to the beginning of the current lineHome
15.To open the file menu in the current programAlt+F
16.Edit option in the current programAlt+E
17.To go to the beginning of the documentCtrl+Home
18.Move one word to the leftCtrl+Left Arrow
19.Move one word to the rightCtrl+Right Arrow

Microsoft Paint Keyboard Shortcut Keys

1.To select the entire canvasCtrl+A
2.To copy the selected areaCtrl+C
3.To cut the selected areaCtrl+X
4.To pasteCtrl+V
5.To undo an actionCtrl+Z
6.To redo an actionCtrl+Y
7.To show image propertiesCtrl+E
8.Toggle grid linesCtrl+G
9.To printCtrl+P
10.To show or hide the rulerCtrl+R
11.To open the resize and skew dialog boxCtrl+W
12.To create a new pictureCtrl+N
13.To open a pictureCtrl+O
14.To save a pictureCtrl+S
15.To make the text boldCtrl+B
16.To make the text italicCtrl+I
17.To underline the textCtrl+U

Microsoft Excel Shortcuts

shortcut keys of computer a to z
1.To insert a new worksheetAlt+Shift+F1
2.To open the formula windowShift+F3
3.To open the search boxShift+F5
4.To create a chartF11
5.To enter the current timeCtrl+Shift+;
6.To enter the current dateCtrl+;
7.To insert a linkCtrl+K
9.To open the go-to optionCtrl+G
10.To bold highlighted sectionCtrl+B
11.To edit selected cellF2
12.To go to a specific cellF5
13.To check the spell of selected textF7
14.To italicize highlighted textCtrl+I
15.To select the entire columnCtrl+Space
16.To select the entire rowShift+Space
17.To close the documentCtrl+W
18.To underline the highlighted textCtrl+U
21.To minimize the current windowCtrl+F9
22.To maximize the current windowCtrl+F10
23.To open a fileCtrl+O
24.To open a new documentCtrl+N
25.To open the print dialogue boxCtrl+P
26.To ReplaceCtrl+H
27.To Fill downCtrl+D
28.To save a fileCtrl+S
29.To activate menubarF10
30.To edit a cell commentShift+F2
31.To hide columnsCtrl+0
32.To hide rowsCtrl+9
33.To unhide rowsCtrl+Shift+(
34.To unhide columnsCtrl+Shift+)

Microsoft Word Shortcuts

1.To create a new documentCtrl+N
2.To open an existing documentCtrl+O
3.To save a documentCtrl+S
4.To open save as dialog boxF12
5.To close a documentCtrl+W
6.To undo an actionCtrl+Z
7.To redo an actionCtrl+Y
8.To search a documentCtrl+F
9.To run a spelling and grammar checkF7
10.To move the cursor one character to the left or rightLeft/Right arrow
11.To move the cursor one word to the left or rightCtrl+Left/Right arrow
12.Move to the end of the current lineEnd
13.Move to the beginning of the current line.Home
14.Move to the beginning of the current documentCtrl+Home
15.To open the Find dialog boxF5
16.To select the entire documentCtrl+A
17.Delete one character to the rightBackspace
18.Delete one word to the rightCtfl+Backspace
19.Delete one character to the leftDelete
20.To copy the selected textCtrl+C
21.To cut the selected textCtrl+X
22.To paste the selected textCtrl+V
23.To make the text boldCtrl+B
24.To make the text italicsCtrl+I
25.To underline the textCtrl+U
26.To apply double underline formattingCtrl+Shift+D
27.To open the Font dialog boxCtrl+D
28.To increase the font sizeCtrl+Shift+>
29.To decrease the font sizeCtrl+Shift+<
30.To apply subscript formattingCtrl+=
31.To apply superscript formattingCtrl+Shift+Plus
32.To format all letters as UppercaseCtrl+Shift+A
33.To format all letters as lowercaseCtrl+Shift+K
34.To center a paragraphCtrl+E
35.To left-align a paragraphCtrl+L
36.To right align a paragraphCtrl+R
37.To justify a paragraphCtrl+J
38.To set single spacingCtrl+1
39.To set double spacingCtrl+2
40.To apply the heading H1 styleCtrl+Alt+1
41.To apply the heading H2 styleCtrl+Alt+2
42.To apply the heading H3 styleCtrl+Alt+3
43.To remove all paragraph formattingCtrl+Q

Windows Shortcuts

1.To switch appsAlt+Tab
2.To close appsAlt+F4
3.To show or hide the desktopWin+D
4.To snap windowsWin+left/right arrow
5.To open the task viewWin+Tab
6.To open the start menuCtrl+Esc
9.To lock your computerWin+L
10.Open settingsWin+I
11.Search windowsWin+S
12.Save a screenshotWin+PrtScr
13.Start taking to CortonaWin+C
14.Open the hidden menuWin+X

Shortcut Keys Of Computer A to Z PDF Download

Here is the list of all the shortcut keys that are provided in this article. You can download it and share it with your friends.

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