Excel Shortcuts That You Must Know In 2022 PDF

Here is the list of more than 50 Excel shortcuts that will make you a pro in handling and analyzing data. Working in excel with these shortcuts will save your time and energy. Also, it becomes very easy and enjoyable to work when these excel shortcuts are known.

Excel Shortcuts A to Z

1.To make a new worksheetCtrl+N
2.To open an existing workbookCtr+O
3.Save a workbookCtrl+S
4.Close the current workbookCtrl+W
5.To close the excelCtrl+F4
6.To move to the next worksheetCtrl+Page down
7.To move to the previous worksheetCtrl+Page Up
8.To go to the Data tabAlt+A
9.To go to the View tabAlt+W
10.To go to the Formula tabAlt+M
11.To select allCtrl+A
12.To fill downCtrl+D
13.To findCtrl+F
15.To replaceCtrl+H
16.To printCtrl+P
17.To save a workbookCtrl+S
18.To make the selected text boldCtrl+B
19.To make the selected text italicsCtrl+I
20.To underline the selected textCtrl+U
21.To cutCtrl+X
22.For HelpF1
23.To editF2
24.For spell checkF7
25.To activate the menu barF10
26.For save asF12
27.To copy the selected itemCtrl+C
28.To paste the selected itemCtrl+V
29.To fill colorAlt+H+H
30.To add a borderAlt+H+B
31.To remove an outline borderCtrl+Shift+_
32.To add an outline to the selected cellCtrl+Shift+&
33.To move to the next cellTab
34.To move to the previous cellShift+Tab
35.To select all the cells on the rightCtrl+Shift+Right arrow
36.To select all the cells on the leftCtrl+Shift+Left arrow
37.To add a comment to a cellShift+F2
38.To delete a cell commentShift+F10+D
39.To display find and replaceCtrl+H
40.To activate the filterCtrl+Shift+L
41.To insert the current timeCtrl+Shift+;
42.To insert the current dateCtrl+;
43.To insert hyperlinkCtrl+K
44.To apply the currency formatCtrl+Shift+$
45.To apply the percentage formatCtrl+Shift+%
46.To select the entire rowShift+Space
47.To select the entire columnCtrl+Space
48.To delete a columnAlt+H+D+C
49.To delete a rowShift+Space
50.To hide the selected rowCtrl+9
51.To unhide the selected rowCtrl+Shift+9
52.To hide columnCtrl+0
53.To unhide columnCtrl+Shift+0
54.To group rows or columnsAlt+Shift+Right arrow
55.To ungroup rows or columnsAlt+Shift+Left arrow
56.To group pivot table itemsAlt+Shift+Right arrow
57.To ungroup pivot table itemsAlt+Shift+Left arrow
58.To hide pivot table itemsCtrl+-
59.To create a pivot chart on the same sheetAlt+F1
60.To create a pivot chart on a new sheetF11
61.To paste the function into the formulaShift+F3
62.To calculate the active worksheetShift+F9
63.To show or hide the standard toolbarCtrl+7
64.To show or hide objectsCtrl+6
66.To InsertCtrl+Plus
67.For exponential formatCtrl+Shift+upward arrow
68.For AutosumAlt+=
69.To open a fileCtrl+F12
70.To undo an actionCtrl+Z
71.To redo an actionCtr+Y

Download Excel Shortcuts PDF

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