Canva Keyboard Shortcuts 80+ Download In PDF

Are you looking for the Canva Keyboard Shortcuts? If yes, then in this article I have prepared a list of 80+ hidden Canva Shortcut Keys. Canva is a free graphic designing app that helps designers to design stunning social media posts, videos, thumbnails, cards, flyers, and many more. It is an all-in-one graphic designing, photo editing, and video editing app.

Canva has thousands of free templates, stock photos, and videos for designers. You can use these free Canva templates to design professional flyers, cards, Instagram layouts, Facebook posts, and many more. It becomes very easy and fast for a designer to design anything with these Canva free templates.

Canva is a free-to-use software with no ads and no watermark. It has many advanced features that make designing easy and cool. However, many graphic designers are unaware of using Canva Shortcut Keys. These Canva Keyboard Shortcuts help designers to do any functions by using the keyboard only. This article contains a fresh list of 50+ hidden Canva Keyboard Shortcut Keys.

Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

1.To copy an elementCtrl+C
2.To paste an elementCtrl+V
3.Quick copyAlt+ Drag
4.To undo an actionCtrl+ Z
5.To redo an actionCtrl+Shift+Z
6.To make the text boldCtrl+B
7.To make the text italicCtrl+I
8.To underline a textCtrl+U
9.To add a text boxT
10.To increase the font sizeCtrl+Shift+’>’
11.To decrease the font sizeCtrl+Shift+'<‘
12.To copy the text styleCtrl+Alt+C
13.To paste the text styleCtrl+Alt+V
14.To convert the text to uppercaseCtrl+Shift+K
15.Align text to leftCtrl+Shift+L
16.Align text to the rightCtrl+Shift+R
17.Align text to the centerCtrl+Shift+C
18.To group the elementsCtrl+G
19.To ungroup the elementsCtrl+Shift+G
20.To duplicate the elementsCtrl+D
21.To select all the elementsCtrl+A
22.Deselect elementEsc Key
23.To delete an elementDelete Key
24.To send elements backwardCtrl+[
25.To send elements forwardCtrl+]
26.To send elements to backCtrl+Alt+[
27.To send elements to the frontCtrl+Alt+]
28.To add a new lineL Key
29.To add a rectangleR Key
30.To add a circleC Key
31.Zoom inCtrl+’+’
32.Zoom outCtrl+’-‘
33.Zoom 100%Ctrl+O
34.Zoom to fitCtrl+Alt+O
35.To add a new pageCtrl+Return Key
36To delete an empty pageCtrl+Delete Key
37.To add a commentCtrl+Alt+M
38.To select multiple elementsShift+Click
39.To show rulersShift+R
40.To lock an elementAlt+Shift+L
41.Zoom to actual sizeCtrl+0
42.Save Ctrl+S
43.To go to the next page Tab
44.To blur a presentationB Key
45.To adds ConfettiC Key
46.To add a Drum rollD Key
47.To add bubblesO Key
48.To add a TimerPress a Number Key
49.To stop the timerX Key
50.To move to the next slidePress ‘>’ Right arrow Key
51.To move back a slidePress ‘<‘ Left arrow Key
52.To end presentationEsc Key
53.To Play a VideoSpacebar
54.To Pause a VideoSpacebar
55.To move elements by 1pxArrow keys (L or R)
56.To move elements by 10pxShift+Arrow Keys (L or R)
57.To loop the videoCtrl+Alt+L
58.To mute a VideoM Key
59.To unmute a VideoM Key
60.Constrain ProportionsShift+Drag Corners
61.To add a border to the textAlt+B
62.Toggle Object PanelCtrl+/
63.To add gridCtrl+;
64.To add the Next elementPress N Key
Canva Keyboard Shortcuts

Canva Shortcut Keys PDF

You can download the Canva shortcut keys PDF by clicking on the button given below:

Canva Magic Shortcuts

1.For Confetti rainPress C Key
2.For drumroll animationPress D Key
3.For floating bubblesPress O key
4.QuietPress Q Key
5.To Blur the current slidePress B key
6.For timerAny Number Key
7.Stop the timerPress X Key

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